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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's chat about technical, personal and sometimes awkward things about massage!

Technical Q&A

What steps are you taking to reduce the risk of spreading germs relating to contagious illnesses?

  1. An air purifier unit runs at all times.

  2. I wash sheets and blankets after every single use at the end of each day. 

  3. I sanitize all surfaces including massage equipment after each client leaves.

  4. Daily energetic clearing and cleansing of the space, maaay or may not be proven by science, but, hey, either way I love a good placebo effect.

  5. I am doing my best with following healthy habits of eating right, keeping up with supplements, staying active, receiving regular massages and chiropractic, nurturing my mental health, and maintaining healthy relationships to keep my own immune system in tip top shape.

Why do you use your feet to massage?

Using feets allows for deep, broad, consistent pressure throughout the entire massage. Have you ever had a massage and the massage therapist couldn’t quite get deep enough? Well, I guarantee you won’t have that issue with me. Since the surface area of the foot is larger than the hands, we are able to get way more done in the time that we spend together compared to an only hands-on session. The arch of the foot so effortlessly hugs our large muscles at areas of the back, glutes, legs, arms, and neck. It’s an incredibly comfortable way to receive massage as we work WITH gravity instead of forcing our way against it like in traditional hands-on massage.


Because of the broad pressure, the pain receptors in our skin stay asleep, and the pressure receptors wake up and have the time of their lives. Think deep pressure without pain with VERY minimal post-massage soreness. The barefoot style is slow and controlled which makes it deeply soothing on the nervous system. That’s why this style is made for people with high stress and anxiety.


Also, I am determined to provide massage therapy until I’m a cute lil 80-year-old lady and help as many people as possible, and using my feet is the only way I will be able do that.

What is energy work and how do you use it in a massage?

We all have our physical bodies. We all have energy bodies, too. Our energetic bodies are a bit different from our physical bodies. Our energy body is like a WiFi signal. We can’t see it, but we know it’s there. ⁣(If you need proof that we have energetic bodies in addition to our physical bodies, get an EKG done. That measures the electrical activity of the heart. Electrical activity is energy.)


Our energy can get out of whack from the stresses of life, physical traumas, heavy emotional experiences, using our phones, interacting with people that drain the life out of us, and just plain being a human moving through the world. ⁣


Massage is excellent for helping our physical bodies relax and our minds reset. Energy work is excellent for supporting our emotions and the healing of our spirits. ⁣

For energy work, I practice:⁣

  • ⁣Reiki (I’m attuned to Level II), and⁣

  • Polarity therapy (I learned the basics in massage school)⁣

Both modalities are hands-on techniques to settle your nervous system, clear out stagnant energy, and promote the flow of light, positive energy that will support you in whatever you need at that time, consciously and unconsciously. ⁣

As for how I include energy work into massage sessions:⁣
⁣I include reiki and polarity therapy in the first few minutes, right in the middle when I feel like it’s necessary at a certain area of the body, or during the last few minutes of a session. ⁣

I do it with clients who come in that are very stressed out, in a “freeze” mode, or who can’t stop their racing mind. Energy work is for people who know the benefit of alternative ways of healing or those who are curious in alternative ways of healing for their pain, stress, and anxiety. It’s also perfect for folks with chronic pain who really want to move past their pain, and massage and other treatments like chiropractic or taking medications doesn’t get rid of their pain entirely. ⁣

Practicing energy work for a few minutes during a massage gives a massage session that extra edge of healing and extremely peaceful, calm feelings.

I call it a trip without the drugs. The effects of reiki and polarity therapy have been so profound for me and my journey that I have to share it with the world in addition to massage so we can all live our lives with a lot more acceptance, ease, peace, and connection.

Personal Q&A

I thought people only seek out massage for pain relief. How does massage help with anxiety?

When the body relaxes, the mind relaxes. When the mind relaxes, your awareness increases, and that, for many people, is a magical antidote to anxious feelings. If you shine some light on the darkness, the darkness literally lightens up.

Do you do in-home massages?

I am no longer accepting new clients for in-home massages.

Is it appropriate to chit chat during the massage? Should I stay silent the whole time?

Chit chatting is absolutely normal. Remaining silent is absolutely normal. A nice balance of both is absolutely normal. I do not initiate any conversation while we are working unless I am checking in for pressure or if I have a question for you relating to the massage that will help me with the work we are doing. I respect whatever you need.

The awkward (but necessary) Q&A

Do I get completely undressed for individual massage and Yomassage classes?

I advise clients to get completely undressed before I step out of the room and give the person privacy to get onto the table under the sheets. You will be appropriately draped the entire time. As we go through the session, I only undrape the area that I am working on, and your privacy is honored the entire time. I ask clients to remove their underwear because I prefer to not have to work around anything when it comes to the hips, but if they prefer to leave their underwear on for the massage, then that's alright too!

I need to burp or pass gas... What do I do?

Let it out! Just because we are in a massage session does not mean that our normal bodily functions stop happening. I understand that it might be embarrassing, but this is a space for you to be completely you. If you hold in what wants to be released, you are putting your body at a disservice since that tension will be added to your experience. Burping, passing gas, yawning, crying, and laughing are all extremely normal bodily responses when receiving a massage.

I forgot to shave my legs or my underarms for you. I’m so sorry!

I massage very hairy people, all men/women/non-binary folks, who do not apologize for not shaving. Ain’t no thang!

My husband/boyfriend/male friend would really benefit from a massage, but he is nervous that he will have an erection. He does not want to come off as disrespectful or creepy. What can I say to him to ease that worry so he feels comfortable to get a massage?

Erections happen during massages. Not all the time, but when it happens it’s completely normal, and it’s okay. It’s not something to be embarrassed about, although I understand if someone may feel embarrassed if that occurs. To explain it on a scientific level: During massage, we turn off the sympathetic nervous system that is responsible for our flight, fight, and freeze mechanisms and increase hormones that make us feel stressed and anxious. During massage, our goal is for the parasympathetic nervous system to run the show. That system is responsible for our resting and digesting mechanisms and increases our hormones that make us feel blissed out and at peace. Erections can occur when the parasympathetic system is activated in that peaceful, relaxed state.


We can absolutely move forward in a respectful, mature way and complete the massage. There’s no need for the client to apologize for it.


That said, I have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate or sexual remarks made. Inappropriate jokes fall under the zero tolerance policy. If I make the decision to terminate a session due to this zero tolerance policy being violated, I will charge the full session rate, and the person will no longer be allowed to schedule a massage or attend a Yomassage class.


Still have questions?

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