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My purpose is to build a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic space for people to come and achieve relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. I look forward to connecting, and I'm happy you're here.

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Client Note

“Not only is Courtney amazing at her craft, she’s a wonderful, healing presence to be around. Her office is nestled in the coziest spot, and it has such a safe and comforting feel to it."


Common Questions

  • Temperature checks

  • Basic health screening questions

  • Masks during in office sessions 

  • Air purifier

  • Cleans sheets and blankets

  • Surface sanitization

  • Energy clearing

What steps are you taking to reduce the risk of spreading germs relating to COVID-19, influenza, and other contagious illnesses?

Using feet allows for deep, broad, consistent pressure throughout the entire massage.

Why do you use your feet to massage?

When the body relaxes, the mind relaxes. When the mind relaxes, your awareness increases, and that, for many people, is a magical antidote to anxious feelings.

How does massage
help with anxiety?

For Yomassage, we are completely clothed the whole time.

For individual massage, I advise clients to get completely undressed before I step out of the room and give the person privacy to get onto the table under the sheets.

Do I get completely undressed for individual massage and
Yomassage classes?

You betcha! For in-home massages, you’ll need to contact me directly by phone or email, and we will make it happen.

Do you offer
in-home massages?

Yaaaaas! All you have to do is contact me directly by phone or email, and we will get it all set up.

Can I book a private
Yomassage class for a specific event such as a birthday party or bachelorette party?


Monday 9-5
Tuesday 12-7
Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 12-7
Friday 9-5
Saturday 10-4
Sunday Closed

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(845) 332-0776
825 East Speer Blvd, Suite 12
Denver, CO 80218
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