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Please feel free to book what you need. 

Session Rates

60 min massage | $145

90 min massage | $185

2 hour massage | $245

Tip and tax are always included.

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Getting in depth

Massage Treatments
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Ashiatsu massage is a beautiful, ancient type of deep tissue massage. The massage therapist can distribute up to 100% of their body weight while holding onto parallel bars above the massage table. The client receives deep, broad, consistent pressure for the duration of the session that does not feel sharp, painful, or ticklish. 

Ashiatsu massage is the best style of massage for people experiencing emotional distress, physical tension, and pain. Ashiatsu is not only greatly effective at releasing tension in the body; it is deeply soothing on the nervous system, allowing your mind to become more calm and allowing yourself time and space to connect with your body in a way you may have forgotten. The massage strokes used in ashiatsu are slow, controlled, and mindful. 

Ashiatsu at Recenter Therapeutic Massage is unique because other therapeutic healing modalities like cupping therapy, reiki, reflexology, strain counterstrain, and passive and positional release therapies are incorporated into each session to help you feel complete physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Two-hour long sessions are the most beneficial (and the most popular). A 90 minute session is highly recommended for introductory massages. 60-minute sessions are geared for people who need attention at only 1-2 areas of concern, and are perfect for reiki-only sessions.

Ashiatsu Barefoot

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Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant in any trimester, recovering from delivery, or transitioning into parenthood, I make sure you are supported, comfortable, and well taken care of with the benefits of therapeutic massage in a loving, supportive space. Massage can alleviate your aches and pains, aid in more restful sleep, lower your stress hormones, and help you feel like the amazing parent you already are. 

Prenatal massage is one of my specialties. Many massage therapists are ill-equipped, under trained, or scared to massage women while they are pregnant. I am the opposite! I safely deliver deep hands-on pressure, perform effective stretching techniques, and make sure to work on your feet and ankles. Whether you come into the office or I come to you for an in-home massage, you will be able to lie face down safely and comfortablely face-down with Recenter’s special pregnancy pillow. Mommas have said that this “placenta pillow” is what pregnancy dreams are made of. 

Prenatal massage can help alleviate stress and pain felt in the shoulders, low back, hips, knees, and ankles; relieve sciatic nerve pain; reduce swelling in the hands and feet; increase flexibility; stabilize hormones that can contribute to anxiety and depression; and prepare momma for an easier delivery experience.


Ancient Work
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We all have our physical bodies. We all have energy bodies, too. Our energy body is like a WiFi signal. We can’t see it, but we know it’s there. Our energy can get out of whack from the stresses of life, physical traumas, heavy emotional experiences, using our phones, interacting with people that drain the life out of us, and just being a human moving through the world. ⁣


Massage is excellent for helping our physical bodies relax and our minds reset. Energy work is excellent for supporting our emotions and the healing of our spirits. ⁣

Reiki and polarity therapy are hands-on techniques used to settle your nervous system, clear out stagnant energy, and promote the flow of light, positive energy that will support you in whatever you need at that time, consciously and unconsciously. ⁣


Energy work is for people who know the benefit of alternative ways of healing or those who are curious in alternative ways of healing for their pain, stress, and anxiety. It’s also perfect for folks with chronic pain who really want to move past their pain, and massage and other treatments like chiropractic or taking medications doesn’t get rid of their pain entirely. ⁣Practicing energy work for a few minutes during a massage gives a massage session that extra edge of healing and extremely peaceful, calm feelings.

Energy Work

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Reflexology is an ancient type of massage technique where the massage therapist applies pressure to various points on the foot, hands, and ears. Reflexology is used during each massage session when appropriate to bring different systems of the body into balance.


There are thousands of nerve endings at the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to different parts of the body like muscles, organs, and emotional centers of the brain. 

Reflexology is incredibly relaxing and restorative and is included in every session to add another layer of balance to your experience.



Client Note

“She has changed my life for the better, not only with massage, but by helping me get rid of much of my anxiety. Courtney goes above and beyond other therapists by valuing you as an individual and not just as another person. I don’t go to anyone else as once you've experienced the best, you can’t go to anyone else"


Common Questions

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Yes! I do not initiate any conversation while we are in session. I only check in once in the beginning to make sure we are on the same page with pressure and when it is time to move. You are welcome to share anything, chit chat or ask questions as we go, but there is no obligation to talk. This is your time to let your thoughts wander and focus on your breath and bodily sensations.

Do you offer silent sessions?
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Using feet allows for deep, broad, consistent pressure throughout the entire massage. Ashiatsu massage is a comfortable method that reduces pain, frees up bundled nerves, promotes circulation, and releases metabolic waste.

Why do you use your feet to massage?
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When the body relaxes, the mind relaxes. When the mind relaxes, your awareness increases. For many people, finding a state of mindful awareness can start to alleviate anxiety.

How does massage
help with anxiety?
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I advise clients to get completely undressed before I step out of the room and give the person privacy to get onto the table under the sheets. If clients prefer to leave undergarments on, that is acceptable, too.


Do I get completely undressed for my massage?
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I am no longer accepting new clients for in-home sessions.

Do you offer
in-home massages?
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I am not accepting clients or birth or death doula services at this time, but I will in the future. Stay tuned!

Are you accepting clients for birth or death doula services?

"I felt like myself again."

Ashiatsu massage is a beautiful, ancient type of deep tissue massage. The massage therapist can distribute up to 100% of their body weight while holding onto parallel bars above the massage table for balance

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